Are you an advisory company or a consulting firm?

We are a turn key basis business facilitation company, in addition to being an advisory and consulting firm of food and agri sector.

How can I get queries for my business answered?

You may kindly fill up the Contact Form or make a call to +91 9958836198. Fix a time slot with concerned expert with your pre-defined questions.

How can I market my products in India?

As the process goes, one has to understand market competition with pricing, regulatory approvals, sales pattern, demand and supply, among other things for which business feasibility study is important. Also, we can provide successful distribution network for your products, regulatory approvals and promotional support with or without feasibility study.

How can I get my Agri Input products like seeds, agro chemicals, and plant nutrients sold in India?

The strategic process demands feasibility study, market research, data generation with product trials, state'wise regulatory approvals, appointment of distributors / importers, product promotion and campaigns to increase the product visibility and sales volume. We can help you with this process and get you in touch with experts.

How do I make payment for your services?

You can opt for Bank Transfer or any other mutually agreeable online transaction mode.

How can you help me in getting regulatory approvals?

G Caffe can facilitate with the law of the land related to the product quality, regular quality and testing.

Will you help me in joint ventures or tie-ups?

Yes, you can discuss your company details with our expert, and G Caffe will facilitate further linkages, documents and other required services. A market feasibility study will support the decision.

How to get strong distribution network?

You are expected to go for the business feasibility and then a dedicated team will be deputed on your behalf to look after the distribution across the country. Alternatively, we can provide pre-screened data of distributors with profiles.

How can you help me in getting New Technology promoted in India or any other country?

G Caffe understands the relevance of the technology with respect to time, money saving, pricing and consumer preferences, in addition to regulatory approvals, lobbying for the technology to be inducted in government policies and systems. We assist you according to your needs and requirments.

How does G Caffe make business feasibility reports?

G Caffe works out the product-related market behaviour, price, competitions, trends, desired regulatory approvals among other things which help the business owners to make the right decision and strategy to enter into the market in India or any other countries.

How can I get regular sourcing of organic certified food products?

G Caffe will create a regular supply chain from well recognised quality-tested sources for your country with a scientific approach, as per the guidance of our experts.